May 2 2016

Eating while bored

Boredom affects our food choices. 


Apparently we like to eat high fat, high sugar snacks when we are bored. Researchers from the British Psychological Society believe there is a relationship between low levels of dopamine in our brain and reaching for the fatty snacks. Dr. Sandi Mann thinks that if we can’t boost the brain’s dopamine levels through interesting activity we look for other ways to stimulate our brain which includes eating chips. She says,

“Bored people do not eat nuts.”


Next time you find yourself doing repetitive tasks alternate with a minute of exercise or meditation, both natural ways to increase dopamine, as is sunlight, massage and sleep. Just keep away from the junk food.

Change your mind, change your health,


Sep 23 2015

Run to eat?


Maybe we do run to eat.

New research shows that the same hormone that give us that “runners high”, dopamine, is also important for motivating us to get moving.  Leptin, an important hormone in metabolism, it inhibits physical activity through dopamine neurons in the brain. Leptin’s role is to regulate energy balance and encourages behaviours like increasing physical activity levels to find food. It signals when we have enough food in the form of energy and obesity, starvation, sleep deprivation and emotional stress change our leptin levels.

Researchers think that if you are one of those people that just can’t get enough exercise maybe your leptin levels are low, encouraging you to get moving to find food.


Leptin may be the reason we experience that great runners high. When we are moving leptin levels decrease and researchers think this signals reward centres in our brains to keep us in motion. When researchers genetically altered mice to lower their leptin levels they ran, a lot. Normal mice will run 6 km a day, the modified mice, up to 11 kilometres a day.

Stephanie Fulton, lead author of the article published in Cell Metabolism says, This molecule is also involved in the rewarding effects experienced when we do physical exercise. We speculate that for humans, low leptin levels increase motivation to exercise and make it easier to get a runner’s high.”

Or maybe we were born to run.


Our hormones are telling us if we need more food it will feel good to run and we will get to eat.

Change your mind, change your health,