I have a long history with health and fitness. I am not a doctor, I am the Lifestyle Medicine Coach. I believe in science. I use evidence based lifestyle changes to promote health and wellness. Chronic diseases are now the leading cause of death in the world, conditions that we can prevent through proper diet, exercise and stress management.  I believe you can improve your health at any age.

I have been in health promotion for over 20 years and I am still amazed. I am amazed by people who decide to change and do. I am amazed at the tenacity and optimism that I see when people make the commitment to their own well-being. I am also amazed at the amount of truly useless, dangerous and borderline, deadly information that is often promoted as the “truth”.

This is my story. The reason why I want to help you cut through the hype and make a difference in your own health.

I feel lucky that my family were proactive when it came to food, fitness and believing that health was the most precious thing we have. The value placed on healthy habits has allowed me to realize that anyone can do what they can, wherever they start from.

I grew up knowing where my food came from, right outside. I was part of the process, the cycle of life, both plants and animals. We ate whole foods, rarely processed and mostly what we had grown or raised. My family had a history of cancer and heart disease and my parents were proactive and years ahead of their time. They believed that eating well was the best medicine and exercise was crucial to staying healthy. I was lucky although I may not have always thought so.

The emphasis on keeping fit, staying active and taking responsibility for what you could control were ingrained at an early age. So you could say my whole life has been leading up to this … but I wasn’t always aware of how fortunate I had been or how others may not have had the same skills that I had learned.

Now after years of learning about fitness, food and finally the last piece of the puzzle, the mental component, I feel that I am beginning to understand the process of making small changes for lifelong rewards.

Welcome to my blog about changing your mind, your body and ultimately your health.

Thank you for joining me,